Is There a Better Incentive Destination than the UK?


February 2020

Think incentive travel and you probably think of far away beaches and warm climes - maybe a trip to Venice or Florida.

But in these times UK brands should be looking closer to home.

We have created incentive programmes in the UK for clients from over 50 countries. And if we can persuade people from France, Germany, Mexico and Israel to come here why do UK clients look across the Channel?

This is a particularly pertinent time to be looking at what the UK has to offer.

Climate change is high on the agenda with air travel a serious offender and piling on a plane for some fun in Florida doesn't exactly project the image big brands are looking for.

Anyway, successful incentives aren't just about holidays in the sun. Today's brands have other objectives they are trying to achieve. They want something that reflects their brand values and the brand messages they want to get across.

Fewer incentives are just about sales targets. HR Gazette doesn't even list increased sales as one of the top 10 reasons for running incentive schemes.

Other targets such as improved productivity, team work, employee satisfaction and innovation are more important.

So, what says more about innovation and productivity - Scotland or The Seychelles, London or Tenerife?

The point is that given, the choice between cash to spend how you like, and a fixed trip with your work colleagues of the same value almost everyone would take the cash.

So the incentive has to achieve other objectives - and the UK scores very highly.

Our top 10 reasons for a staycentive programme are:

  1. You remove the airfare from the budget
  2. More environmentally friendly
  3. Partners and families can be involved
  4. Fixed prices in sterling
  5. No travel days means shorter trips, more savings and better delegates able to attend
  6. Better security
  7. More flexibility - doesn't need to be booked as far in advance without fight costs
  8. Support your home market
  9. More direct booking - fewer middle men
  10. More options for delivering your brand messages

Challenge me - I'm willing to wager that our team can come up with a programme in the UK that will achieve your objectives with a lower budget.

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