Number Five: Cost


March 2020

Save Money and Increase your ROI

With worries about Coronavirus aside there are many compelling reasons to look at the UK for your next incentive or event - and cost is certainly one of them.

Especially when there are so many amazing experiences we can offer in the UK to achieve your objectives.

Travel - the most obvious cost benefit is that you save on airfares to enable you to reduce the budget or invest in creating even more memorable experiences. Without travel days at either end of the trip a 3 night programme can become 2 nights - saving 1/3 on hotel and other bills

Knowledge - knowing the destination helps stretch the budget. Travelling overseas to unfamiliar destinations often means that you will overspend to ensure a smooth trip.

Time - less time away. Less time planning. Fewer intermediaries. These are all benefits and offer additional cost savings

Fixed costs - with no exchange rate fluctuations to worry about your costs are fixed. This obviously helps budgeting and enables you to get the best value

VAT - for elements of the programme where VAT can be reclaimed this is very straightforward on UK supplies of services. Reclaiming tax from overseas carries cost and is often unsuccessful.

Tax - it is more straightforward to build a business element into a UK based programme than one in a holiday resort - therefore potentially minimising attendees income tax liability.

Honestly - doesn't it make you wonder why anyone would consider an overseas event?

Challenge us. Give us the opportunity to create an amazing programme for you in the UK that will incentivise staff or customers and will achieve all of your business objectives within the tightest of budgets.

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