Number Four: Family Values


March 2020

There is a new way of doing business

The way the world does business is changing.

There are more women in business. People want to spend more time with their families.

Taking a father away from his family at the weekend - entertaining him royally at a rugby match and sending him home worse for wear is holding less and less appeal in the modern business world.

We offer a whole range of hospitality and incentive events that involve the whole family and make you a hero.

Incentive programmes in the UK offer great opportunities to brands with family values.

Without extra airfares to pay for you can usually add a partner to the hotel room just for the cost of another breakfast.

You can also involve the kids and have activities just for them.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Demonstrates family values
  • Better quality attendees willing and able to attend
  • Heroes not villains
  • Closer relationship with clients
  • Get the family on board to help you achieve your objectives
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • More memorable

One of the most successful incentive programmes we have run in recent years was for an American insurance company.

There were tiered prize awards and the top tier and their partners were invited to afternoon tea with Lord Spencer at his home Althorp House.

As part of the campaign we arranged for Lord Spencer to personally sign a letter to everyone in the campaign. The key was that they were sent to their home addresses - so their partners saw them too.

This not only incentivised the winners of the awards - it increase sales form everyone in the programme whether they qualified for the big prize of not.

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