Number Three: Time is Money


February 2020

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have and people don't like to waste it.

As if the environment, safety and security weren't enough reasons to choose the UK as a destination it also saves time. Lots of it.

Time spent at airport check-in. Queuing at security. Waiting for your flight. Sitting around at the gate. Sitting on a plane. This time is lost.

Unless you take a flight at some ungodly hour even a short flight to Europe means the best part of a day getting there. And another one coming back.

Your most valuable attendees and delegates are likely to be the ones with the least time to spare. Is it a good idea to ask them to waste it at airports?

A 2 night trip to Europe becomes a 3 night trip costing more in time and money.

It's easy to believe that a glamorous far-flung destination will be more of an incentive and attract higher sales or better delegates. But, it won't if the best people are too busy to make the trip.

Today 39% of people in sales in the UK are women (source LinkedIn) and generally working mothers' time is under the greatest pressure. Many are uncomfortable being away from home for more than a few days at a time. This is an opportunity for brands to appreciate these pressures and increase their ROI with a UK programme - because not only are there reduced investment levels - you can achieve increased returns as well.

You may think that foreign destinations offer greater incentives and attract better delegates - but we challenge you on this. Successful incentives aren't just free holidays. They have specific business objectives that can be just as well achieved in the UK.

The UK is one of the greatest incentive destinations in the world. Whether it is London, Scotland, The Cotswolds, luxury hotels, amazing experiences, social and sporting events - we have it all on our doorstep.

Challenge us.

We will create a programme and experiences in the UK that achieve your business objectives and make the best use of budget that will amaze you.

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